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Jerald W. Blackstock

Every time I have a fly visit my home I name it Fred, then I kill it.

Fred Elford died in 2016. He was a cult recruiter who passed himself off as an industrial psychologist, according to my wife, a member of his ‘church’, The Foundation for Creative Living. According to his obit, he went to military school and theology school but didn’t complete either, a failed nazi minister and no industrial anything, least of all a psychologist. It said he had a masters in education but I suspect resume padding is at fault

She was a member when I…


To use my work with your publication/exhibition please see these folks who handle the copyright license.
Thanks for the offers to pay to play in your production, but I prefer to be paid for my work, not pay TO work. There are exceptions of course, such as Photographize where the fees are minimal and the exposure is worldwide, in the millions of views. They accept less than 1% of applicants, myself included, with their very fine, fine artists.

My portfolio is online at Fine Art America. They handle the back end (printing, framing, shipping and shopping cart) with money-back guarantees.

Put-Downs for Profit

I was just followed on Medium by Jen Gippel Ph.D. The good doctor has several suggestions for being creative and somewhere in there I saw something about getting in touch with your soul.

Ya. Nope.

It’s very simple if the religion is stripped out of it.

We evolved from the jungle using our over-anxiety and over-imagination to overestimate problems and underestimate our ability to deal with them. So we would run away. We survive by running away. It’s not fight-or-flight, it’s just flight. Fighting involves other stuff but you don’t fight the tiger you run away.


The Myth of Addiction

I just read some articles on the ‘addiction cycle’. I had googled the term. Suggestions as alternatives to drugs and behaviours to increase dopamine included yoga and meditation. It is true that clients are often sent to do these practices by cognitive therapists until they fully understand that anxiety and depression are consequences. Consequences of self-calling themselves nasty names along with demanding certain outcomes, no matter what, typified by using words like ‘must’ and ‘should’, ‘terrible’ and awful’. Usually takes about 6 months then you are cured. …

The basis of my new book and the main tool I used to reprogram from cults.

The Case Against Religion — Albert Ellis

Before we can talk sensibly about religion — or almost anything else — we should give some kind of definition of what we are talking about. Let me, therefore, start with what I think are some legitimate definitions of the term religion. Other concepts of this term, of course, exist; but what I am talking about when I use it is as follows.

According to Webster’s New Word Dictionary, religion is: “(1) belief in a divine or…

Psychological Torture-Ashrams Cults and Yoga

This is the introduction page/working title to my new book. As I write it I will post it.

What is psychological torture? Well for me, and this is all about me, the place where I get to be the centre of the universe, it’s untruths, half-truths, lies, and manipulations for the benefit of someone or some organization that are not in my best interests.

From 1988 to 2003 I was part of a community of yoga, based out of Yaśodharā Ashram at Kootenay Bay B.C.

This was headed up by a woman, Sylvia Hellman, an…

The scene of the crime, Dad trapped by my narcissistic mother downloading lung cancer, he died age 40.

REBT Self-Help Form
What is the situation that you are upset about?
Answer: People were/are… then a list…mean to me… self-centred… inconsiderate with intent…family was/is physically/emotionally abusive…restraining orders issued.
What are the unhealthy negative emotions that you are experiencing?
Answer: rage, depression, anxiety, hurt, guilt, and jealousy.
What self-defeating behaviours would you like to change?
Answer: withdrawal, unassertiveness…overeating
What demand are you making about the situation?
Answer: I must not be criticized… others must do the right thing at all times… treat me fairly… be nice to me or else you are a rotten horrible person…a moron. Life must…

I was a very shy, self-conscious guitar player at the regular jam at the Kensington Deli in Calgary in 1978. Tom was there working on his chops and I asked if I could play along. He had a wife and twin daughters a steady gig running a book store and me for a friend and regular backup.
Like all narcissists, he tubed all that when folks in a relationship attempt to deepen a relationship by asking for what they want. Overvalue undervalue dump smear. Narcissists have nothing to offer so they make it your fault and split. …

Jerald W. Blackstock

lyr·i·cal (of literature, visual art, or music) expressing the artist’s emotions in an imaginative and beautiful way.

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